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MNQ 118 Siekiera - Nowa Aleksandria LP

15.99 / On Sale

Release date: 26th January 2018

We are proud to start the year 2018, 10th anniversary of the label, with one of our favourite records ever by Siekiera, the 80's Polish legendary post punk band.

Siekiera were at the forefront of Poland's post-punk movement, and thus, are one of the most beloved bands. Formed in 1983 as a more straightforward hardcore punk band, the band honed their craft for three years before cutting their first record. By then, the band had begun experimenting with cold synthesizers and bleaker textures, tapping into the same sonic template as Killing Joke and Joy Division. Pushing their sound further and deeper against the backdrop of Poland's desolate and isolated Cold War exterior, the results were incredibly powerful and influential. Nowa Aleksandria is still regarded one of the most cherished records of the post-punk underground, featuring incisive guitars, buzzing synths, and fast-paced, blistering energy. The LP remains one of the most important recordings from the era, and continues to inspire and influence to date.

Despite its darker tone, Nowa Aleksandria was successful, with two tracks appearing on the LP3 top ten. The record would sell 50,000 copies worldwide, earning the band a respectable local following. As such, their cult expands past Poland, with countless fans across the globe. The band would split very soon after the release of Nowa Aleksandria, but over 30 years later, their tracks can still be heard in clubs in Europe and the US.

(text by: Frank Deserto, Systems of Romance)

A1 Idziemy przez las
A2 Ludzie wschodu
A3 Bez końca
A4 Idziemy na skraj
A5 Na zewnątrz
B1 Nowa Aleksandria
B2 To słowa
B3 Już blisko
B4 Tak dużo, tak mocno
B5 Czerwony pejzaż

Mastered by Damian Lipiński from the original analog master tapes.

500 copies, first 100 copies on a limited edition on solid red vinyl.

Licensed from Wytwórnia Muzyczna MTJ, Fonobo label.