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MNQ 134 June - Silver Demon LP

16.00 / On Sale

Mannequin Records is thrilled to introduce that the Greek artist June is joining the label with his full-lenght 'Silver Demon'.

June aka Tsampikos Fronas - also part of the duo Manie Sans Délire -
has been driving his analog machines since 2010 into many underground places, exploring a variety of outstanding compositions, from acid jakbeat to early Chris Carter experiments, permeating his music with minimal synth and industrial modular powerful sounds.

Founding his own imprint June in 2010, Tsampikos delivered two killer full lengths, one for Argy's label These Days in 2011 and one for Solvent's Suction Records in 2015, plus a moltitude of EPs, including one for the legendary Jamal Moss's Mathematics, and one 'Cytheria' again for These Days, with 2 liquid-house remixes by DJ Sprinkles.

His third album for Mannequin Records explores a futuristic dystopian world where transcendence and oppression coexist, where claustrophobia and infinite openness coincide. A world of contrasts that is the product of the artist‘s active imagination and conscious effort to confront the subconscious.

The album was recorded using original techniques from the golden era of electronic music (late 70s to mid 80s) with an arsenal of vintage analog synthesizers, drum machines and effect... more
released February 6, 2020

Mastered by Rude 66.
Graphic design by Lee Douglas.
All tracks recorded and produced by Tsampikos Fronas, 2019.
All Rights reserved, Mannequin Records, 2020.