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MNQ 109 Sam de la Rosa - Earth Wart 12''

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MNQ 109 Sam de la Rosa - Earth Wart 12''

Release date September 11th, 2017

Sam De La Rosa, best known under the alias Samuel Kklovenhoof of the band Led Er Est and with Karen Sharkey of The Coombe, is back on Mannequin Records for a stunning 4-tracks electro-wave-experimental release.

Texas born but strongly connected with the New York cold wave and disco scene from mid 2000, and the Wierd Records family, Sam's music is a clever mix of post punk, electronic hybrids, experimental pop and catchy melodies.

Additional mix by Michael Stein from S U R V I V E, already debuting on Mannequin Records back in 2011, before to get worldwide known for the Netflix's 'Stranger Things' soundtrack.

Check his European tour dates here: http://www.mannequinrecords.com/sam-de-la-rosa-eu-summer-2017-tour-dates/

Limited edition of 300 copies
Mastering by Analog Cut, Berlin, 2017.
Graphic design by Alessandro Adriani, Berlin, 2017.