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MNQ 101 Fred Ventura - Future Unknown - The Lost House Trax 1988-1992 LP

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Release date: 26 January 2018

Conceived along the space of a few years and part of a big collection of unfinished experiments stored on cassette tapes, this eight tracks selection well represents Fred Ventura's late 80s and early 90s infatuation with Chicago House, Detroit Techno, early Warp records and even a secret passion for EBM. Using a basic set up made of Roland Juno 106, Roland JX-8p, Oberheim DX, Roland TR909 and an Akai sampler, these tracks were never officially mixed and meant to be released until today. Minimal and hypnotic, dry and direct, both sides of the record show an instinctive approach to rhythms and basslines, typical of those days where computer didn't have a predominant role in the creative process.
One of the Italian electronic music's best-kept secrets. Tip!!!


A1 Future Unknown (Fase Solo Intro)
A2 The Naked City
A3 Technologies
A4 Dangerous Neighborhoods
B1 Body Politix
B2 Slow Reaction
B3 Factory Life
B4 Neovision

LImited edition of 400 copies on solid grey vinyl.

Mastering by Alden Tyrell and Enrico Colombo.
Graphic design by Alessandro Adriani.