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MNQ 092 Din A Testbild - Programm 3 LP

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Release date 6 March 2017

Early pioneers of the German New Wave music scene, Din A Testbild were formed in 1978 by Mark Eins and Gudrun Gut (former member of Einstürzende Neubauten, Mania D. and Malaria!). Din A Testbild played a significant role in defining the avant-garde music of Berlin. Legendary is their partecipation at the “Festival Genialer Dilletanten" in 1981.

'Programm 3’ is their third album. Mixed and auto-produced by Mark Eins with help of Ziggy Schöning, it was released on Klaus Schulze’s record label Innovative Communication in 1983.

‘Programm 3’ represents a moment of distance from the ‘kraut’ past of the band. Moving out from the legendary Schulze’s studio into a home recording dimension with a basic equipment (Roland TR-808, Moog Source, EMS Synthi, tape loops), the sound of Din A Testbild is radically changing, getting closer to the experimental-electro and connecting the Neue Deutsche Welle with the cosmic disco. It’s well known in fact that Din A Testbild were a favourite in the playlists of the Italian dj pioneers Daniele Baldelli and Dj Mozart, while nowdays you can find them in Matt Edwards/Radio Slave home listening mixes. Mega TIP!

Limited edition of 500 copies

Mastered by Rude 66


A1. The Person (part 1)
A2. No Satisfaction
A3. The call of lust
A4. Incorporeal
B1. Naked beach
B2. The person (part 2)
B3. Going Tutu
B4. No Commentary