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MNQ 026 S U R V I V E - S U R V I V E LP

15.00 / Sold Out

- 2015 edition, generic LP Mix cover with center hole and no spine. on 160 gr. black vinyl.

Mannequin is proud to present new music from Austin,TX based full-analog-synth quartet S U R V I V E. Their first LP is a highly anticipated release and we're more than thrilled
that the vinyl is finally out.

"An analogue incarnation of Rustie taking a couple of notes from Eduard Artemiev’s poetic account of a supernova imploding upon itself in a storm of strobe lights which are but
morse signals from God’s ship as it sails across the empty black sludge of space, annotations in a sheet music for a jam bound to send Astronomers all over the planet into a
frenzy of air keyboard slapping and knob twiddling"-20 Jazz Funk Greats