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MNQ 058 2+2=5 - Into The Future LP

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30th Anniversary Edition, Italian Cold Wave masterpiece from 1984.

"Into The Future" is an edition of 300 copies on 160 gram black vinyl, first copies including an hand-numbered replica of the original booklet designed by Giacomo Spazio.

Distribution enquiries:

Europe - RUSH HOUR mark@rushhour.nl
United States - FORCED EXPOSURE fe@forcedexposure.com

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On a cold autumn evening in Milan in 1981, Nino La Loggia met Giacomo Spazio for the first time. The two had the same passion for music: Kraftwerk, Joy Division, DAF and the whole new scene of proto-electronic wave headed by Cabaret Voltaire. Together they decided to start the musical project called 2 + 2 = 5, a tribute to Orwellian dystopia. Shortly after, Cha Cha Hagiwara joined the band. Already a keyboard player in Jeunesse d'Ivoire, she enriched the band's raw sound with sonority and resonance which we can now define as analog. After several gigs around Milan, Turin and Switzerland, in 1983 the trio entered the studio to record their first LP titled '...Into The Future', now reissued by Mannequin Records for the 30th Anniversary.

Mastered by Rude 66.


01 Intro (Whitout Words)
02 Alternative Two2
03 K. S. And V.
04 Meeting Mc. L.
05 Slow 4
06 Jacho's Story
07 It's A Good Day Today
08 Last Sunset