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MNQ 035 The Coombe - The Coombe 12'' EP

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The Coombe began as a soundtrack collaboration between Karen Sharkey and Samuel De La Rosa (Led Er Est) for some animated short films Karen was producing while living in Queens, NY. After their move to Texas in 2012, further experimenting resulted in longer songs, noise suites, and field recordings that later would represent the essence of this EP.

The Coombe’s debut EP is an astonishingly graceful and multifaceted creature that effortlessly synthesizes psych rock, minimal folk and electronica.

Born and in part recorded in the desert, The Coombe is comprised of six mesmerizing gems that provide a rarefied glimpse into a touching and liquid soundscape.

These are songs for the enamored.

*Limited Edition of 300 copies with artwork by Giandomenico Carpentieri. Strongly recommended to fans of Five Or Six, Flaming Tunes, Led Er Est.

released 09 April 2013